Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Isabella Grace's First Week

Isabella is 1 week old! Time is flying, maybe because we have lost track of what is day and what is night! We are having so much fun and loving every minute! She is such a blessing in our lives! So far in the first week.....her first car ride (home from the hospital), first doctor's appointment, first pretty pink bow worn, first stroll in the neighborhood...all bundled up of course, first bath. Sorry for all the photos below but we are proud parents and can't stop taking pictures!

She loved the warm bath water

Looking a little sleepy but had to capture the moment!

Dad, Bell and Oreo on a stroll in the neighborhood

Taking Bella out into the neighborhood for the first time! (Just for a short little stroll all bundled up of course!)

So cute in her pretty pink bow!

Heading out her first doctor's appointment

So pretty!

Doing what they do best, napping

Grandma Owens

Bella "seeing" her room for the first time, I think she was passed out actually

On the way home from the hospital

Getting into the car for the first time

About to leave the hospital

So cozy!


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