Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Fun

We have been having so much fun this fall. As I mentioned in an earlier post we went up north to the pumpkin patch. I got the pictures Jenny took from the day, she got a bunch of cute ones! We also attended our church's "Trunk or Treat" and Bella went as Minnie Mouse. She is obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and loves Minnie. She went as pink Minnie and Jenny had Maya be red Minnie so they were both Minnie and it was so cute. We made the girl's tutus and it was surprisingly easier than we expected, I'm sure we will be making many more tutus in our future.

Family picture at the pumpkin patch

Me and my sweet girl that for some reason wanted nothing to do with picking out pumpkins. I think she was getting hungry and grumpy (we picked pumpkins out last) so she only wanted to be you can see, I was ok with that :-)

We rode this fun little train pulled by a tractor. I didn't think Bella would be into it at all (note for mom....don't ever assume anything about Bella), as soon as she saw it she immediately wanted to ride and loved every second of it, it cracked me up to hear her giggling hysterically as we bounced along.

All the girls riding the trains....the dad's had some trouble fitting in the train.....not exactly a ton of leg room :-)

Amazed that we even got a picture of the girls sitting

Love our sweet girls....besties :-)

I love my family

I can't even describe how much I love her (look at those cute tiny little pigtails! cutie pie!) See below for the full Minnie Mouse costume....she had ditched her ears by this point

She was having the time of her life

The girls didn't want to wear their Minnie Mouse ears anymore so we were happy to wear them for them

Everyone got in on the Minnie Mouse fun!! Even Grandpa!

Oh these girls just make me smile!! I love Bella's pink glitter converse, they are just awesome!

Maya had a snowcone.....I think Bella was ready to pounce

We made the girls skirts and ears, and the bow is even detachable....yes, I'm proud of our craftiness

Bella loves her sweets but she also loves the salty....let's just face facts....the girl already knows and loves junk food....yikes. She couldn't get enough of these nachos!

So blessed by this friendship!

I love our little junk food eating cute!

Three Minnie Mouses!!! Cutie Pies!

Bella loves her grandparents (we do too!) Most of the night she wanted to be carried by either Grandma or Grandpa

Had to include this even though it isn't the best picture. One of the few I had of her costume completely on and she is standing so you can see the whole thing

Bella and her Grandpa....she LOVES him!

Halloween 2011....have I mentioned how much I love my family!


  1. I knew it wouldn't take you long to blog these :). Now will you go blog it all on mine?? :) :) Hehe. LOVE!

  2. You look fabulous Christine!!! And you and Jenny do have THE cutest little girls! I love their costumes!