Sunday, October 23, 2011

A VERY Busy Weekend

We had a very busy fall weekend here. A use the word "fall" very was like 90 degrees and super hot in the sun but hey, we can pretend with the best of them. We started on Friday taking some family pictures with the fabulous Jenny Spires, we don't have the pictures to post yet, but trust me, they will be awesome! On Saturday, we got up bright and early and headed to the zoo. We knew we wanted to get there early since we figured it would be busy and hot. We were right on both accounts and so glad we got there when it opened. They had decorated for fall and were feeding different animals pumpkins at scheduled times of the day. They had lots of stuff for kids and a petting zoo. I think we were more worn out than Bella at the end of it all but we had tons of fun!! Then, on Sunday, we met up with our good friends The Spires (aka....the aforementioned Jenny Spires, her husband Derrick and their adorable daughter Maya who is also Bella's bestie since birth). We got up early, got the girls all set in the car with snacks and Mickey Mouse on the dvd player and headed up to Prescott. We wanted to check out the recently reopened Youngs called Mortimer Farm. Let's just say....Youngs Farm it was not. We definitely still had fun and the girls were none the wiser but it was a lot smaller and had a lot less of the fun fall stuff that Youngs Farm used to have. We had some fun, rode a little train, picked out our pumpkins and headed into downtown Prescott. We picked up some lunch and spread out our picnic blanket in the park and enjoyed some fallish weather. We all agreed we could have enjoyed a bit cooler temperature but there were huge trees that were turning color and leaves falling all over the ground and it was absolutely beautiful. The girls loved running around the park and it was a great end to the day. We packed back up and headed home. I'm sort of lacking in pictures of the pumpkin patch because I let Jenny take most of the pictures with her camera so I will have some more pictures to add when I get them from her. All in all, it was an incredibly busy weekend (Bella didn't even nap on Sunday....and was totally fine!) but we had such a fun weekend filled with lots of great memories.

My Dad and Bella checking out the ducks that were not at all shy. Bella was shy. She kept backing into my Dad and basically sat on his knee the whole time. She loves birds and was fascinated, but not at all interested in touching them :-)

"Petting" the goats.....or, as you can see, clinging to my Dad with all her strength!

Trying to get a picture in front of the giraffes

Fall 2011

Sweet girl modeling mom's sunglasses (this is how she wears sunglasses....goofball)

Such a cutie

We rode in the tiny train. I didn't really think Bella would be very into it but as soon as we got close she kept pointing to the train and saying "sit here, sit here, sit here!" We rode the VERY bumpy ride and she giggled the whole time and tried very hard to steer the train, it was adorable!

Eating a waffle with some peanut butter and a scrambled egg for dinner, she stole the spoon full of peanut butter and LOVED it! She kept asking for more!

And just because this picture makes me laugh out loud. I hate to even compare my sweet beautiful girl but....she sort of looks like she has a Hitler mustache made of peanut butter. Good thing she is so cute......and NOTHING like the above referenced dictator......we will just pretend I didn't make the above reference, ok thanks :-)

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