Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yeah.......Our kid is CUTE!

Sometimes you just have to call it like it is, and our kid is just CUTE! Don't get me wrong, there are some not so cute things she does (i.e. chucking my phone at the floor as hard as possible when I ask her to give it to me) but for the most part, she is just one big ball of CUTE! Some of her new cute phrases? "Bless you" (yes she says this when you sneeze, and yes, she is catching on to my fake sneezes), "Sit here" (she is a tiny dictator, she will tell you where to sit) Here are some pictures of recent adorableness overloads.....

I got out some fabric to make a skirt and she thought she was hilarious running around the house with it on her head

Doing a little art project for the play room, she loves to paint

Yes, all of her stuffed animals are wearing her shirts, yes, they all have specifically picked out socks by her (aka....I picked some for her dog and she rejected my suggestion in favor of the pink socks.....and yes, if you look near her dog, that is a real dog treat, because she needed to feed her "woof woof" (that's the dogs name) a treat.....adorable

My little maid....if we keep up with this training this is really going to pay off well for me in the near future.... ;-)

Oh so cute, I just want to squeeze her

This is her "more" face, accompanied by her saying more and signing it at the same time....she was asking for more flowers, which she loves to pick from our plants in our yard.....seriously, could do it for hours

On her way to pick some flowers......

Just a girl and her dog.....

Her face just cracks me up here, I'm pretty sure she was mad at the dog for trying to steal her raisins

Cutie patootie

Silly girl

I just love her smile, she is so adorable and such a sweet girl. What an amazing blessing she is to our lives!

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