Friday, August 6, 2010

Rainy Day at the Lake

We were leaving church, it was overcast and rainy and such a nice day! Rowdy mentions the idea that maybe we should drive up to Bartlett Lake for fun, half kidding. We decided we wanted to go on a family adventure so we headed that direction. On the way we stopped at my parents house to borrow the camera because I had forgotten to throw mine in the bag, and get some refreshments for everyone. We started the drive up to the lake, which is really not very far and a pretty drive. What a fun day! We didn't stay too long because when the sun was out it was pretty bright and next time we will bring some more coverage for Bella so her sweet little baby skin doesn't get overexposed to the sun. It was so beautiful there and it was just a nice, simple afternoon. I had such a hard time picking my favorite pictures so I just included most of them.

I love her, I could squeeze her all day long!

So pretty and foggy/rainy!

A closeup, I love Bella's look on her face. It makes me think of the paparazzi pictures in People magazine of celebrities. They are always looking over their shoulder and suddenly realizing they are being photographed and have an irritated look on their face like, "why are you spoiling this special moment by taking a picture"....that is Bella's face in this picture!

Love my peanut

I thinkwe tend to forget there is such beauty in AZ so near by, it's nice to be able to go outside and enjoy it when it's not a million degrees!


Looking at the water and the boats and jet skis

LOVE them! She looks so much like her daddy! (And how cute is she in her jeans!!?!)

They love eachother

Bella put her feet in the water. Since we aren't headed to the beach this summer this is our beach moment :-) So adorable to watch them together!

She is a little fish, so naturally, she loved the water!

Love my family!

Just chilling with our jeans rolled up on the "beach"

Luckily, we had an umbrella in the car so we could cover Bella. Bella was more obsessed with getting things out of her diaper bag and usually chewing on her diaper bag :-)

Bella chewing on her diaper bag, crazy girl!

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