Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Isabella Grace is 6 Months Old! Happy Half Birthday!

Isabella Grace: 6 Months Old

I will say this a lot, I know this, I accept this, I can't stop saying it: how can my tiny, scrunchy, itty bitty, premie clothes wearing, precious little angel be 6 MONTHS OLD?! Half a year has gone by! Sometimes, when I'm sitting on the couch watching tv, I still feel like a big old 8 month preggo lady on bed rest (which I was not very good at), patiently waiting to meet my daughter. Wondering what she will be like, what she will look like. I was just watching a video we took of her during her first month when I was holding her. She was just a tiny little thing looking around, occassionally letting out that tiny little cry that could barely be heard (and yet somehow it felt like the loudest thing in the world to me.....little did I know). She was so fresh and new, just trying to figure out where she was and what was going on. It seems like so much time has passed and yet so little, it feels like I have known her for a thousand years and it also feels like I blinked. It's amazing how much can change in 6 months, how different a baby becomes! Isabella's little personality is so evident now, so funny, so silly, so sweet, such a girl, such a little person with her own tiny thoughts and own tiny personality. When you are pregnant you spend so much time wondering what your child will be like and when you meet them and really get to know them it is so clear that they couldn't be anyone else but who they are. I can't imagine my daughter being different from Isabella, sure I hope to eventually be blessed with another child, but there is no other Isabella. Nobody else in the world gets to spend all day with my Isabella, nobody else in the world gets to experience my Isabella's smile, my Isabella's laugh, my Isabella's cry, my Isabella's first roll, crawl, walk, etc. It's just such an incredible thing! Rowdy and I feel so incredibly blessed that she is ours. God created our perfect daughter, he created her to join our family, to bless our little world and the world at large and we are just so happy she is here! Ok ok, enough gushing, here are some sweet pictures of Bella and some updates on what she is like at 6 months:
Love her sweet face
So beautiful! Such an adorable smile!
Trying to get a picture with Bella and the "6" cube, she was far more interested in playing with it than sitting by it
She loves to hold her feet

Learning how to use the sippy cup, right now she just likes to chew on it (like everything else!)

Playing in her jumperoo, so fun!

She loves to feed herself with the mesh feeder, eating some yummy banana

  • Bella is eating one solid meal a day aside from nursing. She always has oatmeal and another fruit or veggie. So far she has had: applesauce, banana, avocado, sweet potatos, pear, green beans, peach and peas. Her favorites so far are banana, avocado and sweet potatos.

  • In other feeding news, she loves her mesh feeder. She loves it if I put a half of a banana or some chunks of avocado in it and she can just gnaw on it. She seems to actually get irritates when I just give her mushed up banana instead of in her mesh feeder. We are also trying to introduce her slowly to the sippy cup. So far she is a little confused about it, she likes if I hold it for her but doesn't seem to really understand what is happening with it yet, she will drink but doesn't seem super interested.

  • She is working on sitting up. She is not an independent sitter yet but she is getting stronger each day and she is super strong with very little support. She loves to sit in a highchair in a restaurant like a big girl and play with her toys!

  • She is rolling both ways but seems to only like to roll from back to belly so she can play with toys and reach out for things.

  • She is working on crawling/scooting. She will move her legs and plant her knees or feet and try to move forward. She lifts her butt up in the air but so far hasn't really made it anywhere yet but she can sort of work her way a little towards things. She is trying really hard and it's so cute! I can't believe we are getting close to crawling, how did we get here?!

  • She doesn't laugh a ton yet but loves it when we blow raspberries on her belly, that seems to be her favorite so far. Her sweet little laugh is the best and even when she isn't laughing she is giving the biggest smile and there is nothing better than that!
  • She absolutely loves her entertainer (and really likes her jumperoo as well)! She could be in the worst mood and you could put her in there and she would light up! She loves moving from toy to toy and trying to chew on them. She likes to hit them as well, but primarily, she wants to chew on them.

  • She is an awesome sleeper. She has always been pretty consistent, only hitting little sleep snags here and there. She has never given us too much trouble in the sleep department (especially when it comes to night sleep) so we have been very blessed! We usually put her down between 6:30-7 and she will usually want to eat once during the night which only takes a few minutes and she falls right back to sleep (this can be anywhere between 1-5am, it really varies but usually around 4ish) and then she will sleep until about 7:30 typically and sometimes I have to go in there at 8 and wake her up to try to keep her on schedule! We feel so lucky to have such a great night sleeper! She is also pretty good with naps now, she generally takes 2 naps that are about 1.5hrs and 1 last catnap that is generally about 30-40 minutes long.
  • Bella primarily sleeps on her belly. She will sometimes still sleep on her side but generally it is on her tummy. She almost never sleeps on her back!
  • She is a joy and a blessing to everyone around her! We love her SO much!

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