Monday, August 23, 2010

Bella Likes....

~ Bella likes....her big girl bath! ~
Bella is doing so well with sitting up now, it's like all of the sudden she just decided she is going to sit and that was it! We have let her play with sitting on her own in the tub but it's still pretty slippery and she likes to play so much so, thanks to our good friends the Fays, we borrowed a bath seat for Bella and she loves playing in the tub. Can't believe how big she is getting!
Love those big beautiful eyes!

Eating bath toys, of course!

Concentrating so hard to get her toys!

So cute!

~ Bella likes....her Uncle Matt! ~
The last few times we have seen Matt Bella has been fascinated with him! We were hanging with Matt before he left for a month long mission trip in Mexico and we got some cute pictures of them playing around. Bella prayed for her Uncle Matt while getting ready for bed tonight, her exact words were, "ba ba aba da da ma ba" but we know God knew she was praying for Uncle Matt's trip!


Look alikes!

Oh crazy Uncle Matt!

So cute!
~ Bella likes....playing with tissue paper! ~
Bella was playing on the table in her bumbo while I was eating a snack, she reached over and grabbed some tissue paper and started waving it around and tearing it apart. She LOVED it! It was so cute to watch her until she started trying to chew it and it dissolved into mush that I had to fish out of her mouth. Needless to say, we moved on to play with some more durable toys.
I just can't get enough of her big goofy smile!

So fun!

She can hardly control her excitement over playing with the paper!


Love her!

~ Bella likes.....doing things 'all by herself' ~
She is becoming such a big girl I can hardly believe it! She likes to try to feed herself with her utensils, she likes to feed herself bread (well she really just loves to gnaw on it but she gets furious when you try to take it away!). Her new thing is she likes to hold her own bottle! I wasn't really aware she could do this since I am almost never give her a bottle when I'm with her but my parents clued me in to this and Rowdy told me she does this also and I finally got a picture of my little independent lady. She is actually very good at it, I just can't believe it!

"Hey mom, check me out!"

So big!

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