Tuesday, September 22, 2009

20 Weeks

I am about 20 1/2 weeks now so just past the halfway point, yay! I had my monthly doctors appointment today and am measuring between 22-23 weeks but she said its no reason to change due date right now. They want to do another ultrasound because they couldn't get enough pictures of her face because of the way she was positioned. They said its normal and that everything looked good but they like to get more pictures of the lips and mouth area and they didn't get as many as they wanted because just like her mom, she likes to sleep in some weird positions :-) I have decided to brave it and include a little picture of myself, its crazy to see it in a picture! Not too much else to report right now other than we are in the great name debate though I think we have it pretty much narrowed down, stay tuned! We are also working on the nursery, well, right now we just have it cleaned out but just having fun picking colors and decor, its so fun to be so girly right now! Well, I will have some fun new pictures of growing baby girl in 2 weeks!


  1. You look beautiful!!! :) Can't wait to hear what her sweet little name's going to be! :)

  2. Christine you look fabulous! You are glowing! You have to at least put your top 5 names up so we get a little taste!