Sunday, October 4, 2009

Recent Events

Since we found out its a girl we (well mostly me) have been very excited to decorate the nursery. My mom and I found adorable bedding, we are enjoying this whole new world of shopping open to us....and Rowdy and my mom painted the nursery. I forgot to get action shots but I took a couple quick pictures of the room with miscellaneous things in it but you get a little glimpse of the beginning. Also included is a picture of a cake I made for a friend's bachelorette party, I'm just a little proud of my creation so I had to post a picture, its a little racy for the babies so shield their eyes :-) Lastly is a new bump picture, I don't think much has changed but this was taken at 22 weeks 2 days so it is very current. Ultrasound Thursday so more pics to come....

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  1. You look amazing! Your cake looks deliciously sexy! I love the pink room and I totally know how cool it is to have a whole other realm of shopping! You must be having so so so much fun!