Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

We had such a fun Easter this year!! Bella was at a great age for an Easter Egg Hunt and looked so adorable in her little dress. We started the morning with church, and celebrating that Jesus rose from the grave. We had a wonderful morning of worship at our church and then we headed to my parents house for Easter brunch and an egg hunt. It was Bella's first year doing an egg hunt, as she wasn't walking last Easter, and she caught on immediately as soon as she knew there were goodies inside the eggs. Even after we were done she asked us to put more eggs out so she could look for them. The eggs had M&M's in them....Bella's favorite. Bella took a nap and we headed out to have dinner with the whole family. We had such a great day and everyone was exhausted by the end of it! Bella has loved going through her "eggies" to look for treats today. She is so cute! We had such a wonderful and blessed Easter this year!

Our beautiful girl. I just can't get over how incredible she is!

My handsome husband and I. We somehow didn't manage to get a family picture with terrible!! I don't know how we didn't get one!

Bella enjoying some after church snacks with Grandpa

Cute girl sitting ont he rock outside of church

Bella's bestie Maya trying to hold her her hand. Of course, Bella was not having it :-)

Bella and her Grandma, she loves her!

Setting up Bella's Easter gift. She recently became obsessed with Chuggington and so she got two trains and a train track. She was beyond excited! I love seeing my girlie girl in her pretty dress playing with the trains!

Grandma showing Bella how to use the train track

Bella very excited because she found her beloved M&M's

Reading a book with Grandpa

She found a marshmallow in one of her Easter eggs, and, of course, she loved it

My silly girl making a goof ball face

She was very good at finding her eggs :-) Sometimes I would put an M&M in with two Annie's cinnamon bunnies and she would just get the M&M out and dump everything else.....girl was clearly on a mission!

Had to show Grandpa her treasures!! So cute!

Enjoying her findings from the hunt

Happy Easter 2012!

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