Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

My dad has a birthday on Tuesday April 24th and Bella and I decided it would be fun to take Grandpa out for a date. We took him to As You Wish to make popcorn bowls for when Bella is over at their house (which is often). We figured they can have special bowls for when they watch movies and play together. Grandpa got a big bowl and Bella got one more her size, and I made an extra in case they allow guests, like Grandma, to have some popcorn too! I knew Bella would be into the painting part because when we paint at home (which is multiple times per week) she can paint for a very long time. Well.....what I didn't really anticipate was that we would be walking right past the splash pads, and all the kids running and playing in the water. I think that was when our whole plan got derailed. She liked painting for a few minutes, until she realized she could still see all the kids playing in the fountains through the window. Then, she only wanted to do one thing, play outside. So we quickly painted our bowls and Grandpa took Bella outside. I finished up the bowls and tried to decorate them so they all had some cohesive look to them but I left Bella's painting on the inside of the bowl (pretty much the only part she painted before getting distracted). I think they will look really cute though. So then we played in the fountains for a while. I have never seen Bella so excited about anything. She absolutely LOVED playing in the water and she just loves to watch other children play too. It's so cute to see her interacting with other kids. After our fun in the sun, we went and got some ice cream, enjoyed our treat, and headed back to Grandma and Grandpa's house so that Bella could tell Grandma all about her day. I think we had a lot of fun and we may have to make this an annual thing. Grandpa/Momma/Bella day!

Grandpa and Bella painting their bowls

More painting, Bella was decorating her bowl with dots of purple and pink

Our crazy table after the bowls were painted, you can sort of see them. They are mostly purple, blue and brown.

It's true :-)

Pouty face because I asked her to take a picture before going outside to play in the splash pad

As you can see....she cheered right up as soon as she was allowed to play in the water. The next few pictures will display just how much fun she had. Just imagine her screaming with joy as she moved from each fountain to the next and giggling when one of the little girls kept splashing her, that pretty much sums up the next few pictures :-)

I realized this isn't the greatest picture but I had to document her cute little whispy hair getting longer

Since she went in the fountains with her clothes on, and we weren't really planning on going in the fountain, we didn't bring a change of clothes, so Bella worked the "nothing but my diaper" look while eating her ice cream. These are definitely some sleepy eyes in this picture!

Bella took Grandpa's ice cream from him and kept it for herself!

Such a silly girl, she had so much fun with her Grandpa!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

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