Sunday, June 19, 2011

These boots were made for walkin.......

Bella is moving closer to walking, slowly but surely. We finally figured out some things with her balance issues. That crooked little ankle we have been noticing for some time, and the doctors have assured us she would grow out apparently not changing any time soon so we saw a physical therapist who recommended a little orthotic insert for her shoes to straighten out her ankle and buildup her ankle muscles a little better. Only thing.....she wasn't wearing shoes very often since she really didn't need them since she wasn't walking outside really and she was better at balancing on her own feet than in soft shoes. We should be getting the inserts in the next few days but we went shopping with Grandma Julia and found these adorable Nike shoes that Bella just had to have. High ankle support and a nice solid foundation for her to stand on. Just the shoes alone have made a huge difference in her balance and confidence. Hopefully she will be running around in no time :-)

One of her favorite things in the world to do....push this little scooter around the house. Seriously......for hours.....This is before the new shoes :-)

And look at that smile with her new shoes on, she loves them. When I get her up in the morning she will start trying to put her socks on and hold her shoes up to her feet!

More fun times with the scooter around the house

Practicing her moves with Grandma before she got her new shoes. This little outfit is from my Aunt Lenny and she just looks SO cute in it! cute in this outfit! Love the little froggy on the shirt!

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