Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! I have been lucky enough to have an awesome father in my life, and a wonderful example of what a father should be! And now, I get to watch my husband be an amazing father to our daughter. What a perfect day to celebrate these awesome men in our lives! Our pastor Matt spoke today about how God has irresponsible grace and unconditional love. What an amazing model to men and I think these two men live that out beautifully! Bella loves her Grandpa so much! And Bella's love for her! She lights up when he gets home each day and one of her favorite things is to SCREAM (in a happy way) dada! She could play with him all day long! Happy Father's Day 2011!

This is from Father's Day 2010, Rowdy's first Father's Day. Bella always loved to snuggle with her Dad and fall asleep in his arms.......

Father's Day you can see, Bella is bigger, but not much else has changed. Still a total Daddy's girl!

Love them!

Oh Bella....such a beautiful face ;-) She kept making this stinker face and her little teeth would stick out. Adorable now....but hopefully not something she does in her wedding pictures one day!

Grandpa and Bella at lunch sharing cute!

She loves him so much!

Grandpa/Dad and his girls!

Our crazy child at lunch! Our once perfectly well behaved restaurant child is now a force to be reckoned with! She is busy taking out all the sugar packets and playing with them, throwing puffs on the ground, smiling and saying hi to passers by, eating food, refusing food. Needless to say....she keeps us on our toes in restuarants now!

Goofball face!

She loves to dip, food and her fingers! Today she had ranch with her veggies and she would dip her bread in the ranch, take a bite and say "Mmmmmm!"

We have fun!

Love our little family!

Bella with her Dad and Grandpa!

Happy Father's Day 2011 to the best Father's in the world!

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