Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Want My Baby Back, Baby Back, Baby Back....

Chili' back ribs.....Ok no, this post is not about ribs. It's about Bella's obsession with Chili's chips and salsa. A post that is sure to make her Auntie Ashley very proud! We just happened to have some Chili's chips and salsa at our house one night and Bella saw me eating them and wanted to try one, I thought surely the salsa would be too hot and the chips to sharp and crunchy for her. Nope....she LOVED it! She would pick out the perfect chip from the bag and then dip it in the salsa excitedly. It was hilarious, more evidence she is my child :-)

"Ooooo....this is sooooo good!"

Checking out which chip she would like to dip

Distracted by my pretty flowers (well, what's left of them) from Mother's Day

And then she did a "cheers" with our chips and tapped them together, love her!

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