Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our Little Troublemaker

As Bella gets older and more mobile she gets more inquisitive and curious. Those are the nice ways of putting it. I might have said she was a terrorist that keeps dropping little bombs in our house. I frequently spend my days following her around from closet to cupboard as she rips everything out and once she gets bored I put it all back and then we do it all over again. But I seriously love to watch her little mind try to figure out what all these new little things that she finds are. The other day she went through all of my headbands and inspected each one carefully and then moved on to the next and I can't help but picture her wearing those headbands and looking pretty darn cute. Here are a few pictures of her being our "inquisitive and curious" little girl.

Momma left the computer unattended on the couch and Bella is obsessed with electronics and especially the ones she sees mom use like her cell phone and computer. She gets so excited when she is allowed near the computer but it is always short lived because as soon as she gets it she starts slamming her hands on the keyboard and inevitably we spend time after trying to figure out how in the world she: opened that/locked that/how the heck did she change that?

She figured out how to open cabinets and doors and is very interested in it. Any time she sees anything that looks like it is a door that opens she tries and gets irritated if it won't open. This is our pantry. On the bottom is all the tupperware, leftover shopping bags, and miscellaneous plastic type things. Basically, baby heaven.

And this is an example of cabinets taht need to be locked here she found the blender. Not exactly baby friendly.

Just another day pulling everything out of the pantry.

And this one she is actually totally supposed to pull everything out of, it's her toy basket (we need a bigger toy basket/more toy baskets since you can see we have been using a huggies box as additional storage....classy)

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