Monday, December 27, 2010

Bella's First Christmas

We had such a wonderful and blessed holiday season this year! Having a child during the holidays is really the best thing ever! It just makes everything more fun. Rowdy took off starting December 23rd and doesn't go back until the new year so we are really enjoying some family time at home. We had a lot of fun going to parties and our church's wonderful Christmas Eve service where some good friends of our's directed/starred in A Christmas Carol and just enjoyed being with family and eating a lot of good food! We, of course, forgot our camera at the party the night before so our pictures of Christmas morning at our house and at Rowdy's mom's house are all on his phone, there will be another post with those. All the Christmas morning pictures below are from my parent's house. These pictures basically tell the story of our Christmas season.
We started out Christmas Eve with a family walk around the neighborhood. We got Bella all bundled up and really just enjoyed some relaxing time together.
Bella helped us get some of her Christmas clothes ready. She practiced wearing her little Santa hat too.

Our little princess at our church's Christmas Eve service. She did so great snacking on Cheerios and watching the show. She started to get antsy because all she wants to do right now is crawl and climb on things so Rowdy decided to walk with her about half way through but it was a wonderful show!

Before the show Bella took turns sitting on everyone's laps. Here she was sitting on Daddy's lap.

Here she is with Uncle Matt

Bella and her boyfriend Micah

Aren't they just so cute together!

Not exactly the happiest face, she was ready to be picked up but the picture showed her fun outfit the best. Oh how I loved dressing her for Christmas!

Bella with Grandma and Grandpa
Trying to get a good picture of the 3 of us. Bella wouldn't stop chewing on her hand so we went with it.
Love my family

Grandma Valley and Bella. She decided to ditch the bow for the Christmas Eve party and decided the Santa hat was just way cooler.

Opening some Christmas presents.

So many presents, so little time!

Bella and I checking out her presents

She LOVED ripping the bows off the presents and tearing the paper and shredding the tissue paper. It was basically baby heaven.

So excited about her new walker.

Trying out her new walker, she really liked it, and especially liked that she could put some Cheerios on the tray and see everything.

SOOOO excited about her new chair from Grandma and Grandpa! She loves climbing in/on it!

Merry Christmas sweet Bella!

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