Saturday, March 2, 2013

Catching Up (twin pregnancy,etc...)

Well clearly I am behind on blogging. So, so much has happened since I blogged last so I will try to catch up a bit in the details. Twin pregnancy with our sweet baby girls was interesting, exciting, challenging, tiring, and filled with doctors appointments, bed rest and ultrasounds. At about 28 weeks Everly showed signs that she had intrauterine growth restriction and was showing to be smaller than Annie. They kept a close eye on her and the weight difference gradually increased each week until they were showing to be about 1lb apart in size. Bed rest and multiple appointments as well as a few trips to the OB triage were exhausting but necessary to make sure everything was going ok. Ultimately, on Dec. 21st we saw our doctors and it was decided that we would deliver on Dec. 27th with a scheduled c-section but while at the doctor I had high blood pressure and they began to worry I was pre-eclamptic so they sent me to the hospital. I was admitted into antepartum for observation. On Dec. 22nd while watching Friends and waiting for he results from the lab work checking for preeclampsia I began to have a few contractions and then suddenly, bam, I was in labor and contracting every 2 minutes. They decided to take make back for a csection in about 30 minutes. Everyone rushed to the hospital and Rowdy barely made it before they took me back. Annie Elizabeth was born at 4:18 and weighed 4lbs 9oz and Everly Jane was born at 4:19 weighing 3 lbs 13 oz. Both so beautiful and perfect. We were able to see them and hold them for a few minutes before it was decided they both needed to be taken to the NICU for observation. More on their birth including pictures and NICU and beyond in coming posts. Here are some beautiful pictures our wonderful friend Jenny Spires of Jenny Spires Photography took for us when I was about 24 weeks pregnant. And also a couple of pictures of Bella in her Christmas jammies for an extra dose of cute :)

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