Friday, August 31, 2012

Such a Ham

Bella has become such a little ham in toddlerhood.  She really just cracks us up all day long.  Our camera is still broken so these are a lot of cell phone pictures but let's face facts, at the rate that Bella moves from one thing to the next I would never have time to pull out the camera for half of these photos, thank goodness for cell phone photos!  A note on all the "closed eye" pictures below: this is what Bella does when we tell her to smile, she smiles so big that she completely shuts her eyes. So funny and cute, but we will have to work on this before she has to start taking school pictures :). On another note she is pretty much totally potty trained aside from naps and night, still working on that and still working on her willingness to use the potty when we are out but she can seriously hold it for hours, its crazy! We are so proud of our big girl!

** not sure why the images are coming out with that grid day I will figure out technology...**

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