Monday, February 27, 2012

Uncle Matt Comes to Town!

Uncle Matt came to town for the weekend for Bella's birthday party. It was pretty much the equivelant of us hiring a major celebrity because Bella was BEYOND excited! He was definitely the VIP's so cute to see how much she LOVES her Uncle Matt! Literally, the second he walked in the door, she had so much excitement she was basically running in circles cheering because she didn't know what to do with her energy and excitement! Come back SOON Uncle Matt!!

She then played her favorite game. She likes the other person playing to sit on the floor and then she runs over and knocks that person over. She then climbs on top of that person and bounces on top of them in victory!

Rowdy had to get in on the fun of beating up Uncle Matt

She then proceeded to show him every one of her favorite toys and things to do. So, of course, she had a tea party with him. Adorable!

She wanted Dad to come to the tea party so she gave up her seat for him and she decided to entertain her guests by rocking on her rocking horse.

The next item on her list of "must show Uncle Matt my cool stuff" was her play house. She INSISTED that Matt play INSIDE the house. And, of course, Minnie Mouse came to the party also!

She then went and "baked" some "cake" for Matt.....notice who's face is peeking through the window

Her expression here pretty much sums it up. This is her (oh so adorable) huge smile that she gets when she is really excited about something and wow....was she excited Uncle Matt was playing in her house!

Here they are...."eating" her play cake

And here they area at her birthday party, she was just loving sitting by her favorite person at her party. She had the hugest smile any time he said or did anything. It's so fun to see how much she LOVES her Uncle Matt and, like I said above, come back soon Uncle Matt!!

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