Wednesday, January 5, 2011

11 Months Old!

Bella is 11 months old! I just can't believe we only have one month (even less really) until she is 1! I find myself clinging to all the things that still make her my little baby but baby phase is quickly disappearing and 1 year old Bella is quickly emerging. She is getting so big and there are many days I feel like my heart may just burst with how much love I have for her! As much as I want to keep her tiny forever I can't wait to see all the changes that 2011 will surely bring. I can't find my camera today (I'm sure its burried in the diaper bag or in Bella's room or something, so today there is a sneak peak of some of the awesome pictures Jenny Spires took for us at Christmas. Bella had a 103 degree fever when we got home from pictures and may have been a little woozy from the meds she was on but we still managed to get a few smiles from her. Did I mention Jenny Spires is amazing?! Check her out here. And now, on to the fun updates about Bella at 11 months and pictures....

  • Since about Christmas, Bella has made a lot of leaps and bounds in the gross motor skill department so that has been fun/challenging! She now gets in and out of the sitting position easily and constantly (she could do it before but was a big scaredy cat for some reason). She also could pull up before but would only do it sporadically and now she is constantly doing it and I will frequently find her standing up in her crib....too bad she doesn't know how to get down yet. She can fall to her butt but it usually freaks her out.
  • She is filling out a bit, she will always be tiny compared to other babies her age but she is huge to us.
  • She LOVES to share with mom and dad. She will play with a toy, maybe chew on it a little, and then hold it out to us, offering us to take it. We take it and she lets us examine it and play a little and then she usually holds out her hand to take it back, she's so dang cute!
  • Rowdy apparently is the master of teaching her to make sounds. He taught Bella to say "uh oh" and to "roar" when playing with the lion. She will do "uh oh" with me occasionally but I have yet to experience to "roaring."
  • She also loves to make a sound that sounds super duper inappropriate, it sounds like the bad version of "oh shoot", maybe one day we will get it on video and share it, but for now you can let your imaginations wander to how hilariously inappropriate it sounds.
  • She had her first big night away from mom and dad on New Years Eve. She spent the night partying with Grandma and Grandpa and by all reports had a great time. We had a fun night out but as soon as we woke up we were pretty much ready to go get her and play.
  • She started singing and dancing to Backyardigans (as seen in the last post) and its pretty darn cute. She also dances to a lot of different music she hears if she likes the beat :-)
  • Everything in her world is "dada" sometimes a few other sounds but mama only pops up seems to come and go for some reason. I keep trying to find the differences but most of the time a lot of it just sounds like "dada"
  • She is funny and she knows it. She will frequently do things to see if we will laugh and if we do she will do it more and exaggerate it a little for effect. What a little drama queen we have on our hands!
Love her so much!

Beautiful eyes!

Silly girl! I wish I could put her in this outfit every day, she was so incredibly cute!

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