Sunday, November 22, 2009


Our pastor Matt had a great message today and really reminded me to be thankful for the tiniest things. We had some fun with our great friends Jared and Marcie and Derrick and Jenny (both of whom are also expecting) when we watched Marcie's copy of "In the Womb" and we watched the process of how a baby grows inside the womb from it's tiniest state to the moment of birth....which the guys were a little unprepared for to see up close and personal. We saw when it was just a tiny embryo and started to get eyes and had its little arm and leg buds and of course, Rowdy's favorite, the tail :-) Thankfully babies lose their tail somewhere around 7 weeks (I think/hope) but they are just the tiniest little miracles. We got to see our sweet miracle not once but twice this week in 3D and it is just the most amazing thing. It makes me all the more anxious to have Bella here and see her up close and study all her tiny little features that I know will be beautiful.

I'm in love with her tiny face

She has her leg crossed over her near, sometimes your foot is just your best friend

Smiling away

The umbilical cord kept getting in the way of her face but it's still pretty darn cute

Poking herself in the eye with her foot

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